LINMAG at the Asia Pacific Rail 2017

Linmag has made a successful first participation at the Asia Pacific Rail 2017 Exhibition in Hong Kong. More than 2000 high level visitors from the entire Asia Pacific region made this show into a top platform. LINMAG presented the unique possibilities of rail milling maintenance for all kinds of railway networks.

The visitors showed great interest in our global Rail Milling Service and we have shown once again how important it is for our customers to consider different maintenance options. Output and low environmental impact, this especially applies to operators with railways in tunnels, our unique rail milling technology is a viable option because of its advantages over conventional rail grinding methods. In terms of exceptional cleanliness, high precision, and perfect surface quality, rail milling has numerous benefits and cost advantages to help reducing maintenance costs, especially in areas with restricted track access time and high traffic density.

LINMAG is currently the world’s largest rail milling service provider, and the most reliable service partner for railway networks around the globe. Our successful growth over the last 5 years confirms our competence in service and technology.

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