Controlled rail life cycle costs (LCC)

Customer problem:

On the route, heavy RCF (Rolling Contact Fatigue) and reportable Squats up to 7 mm depth were determined, which reduced travel comfort & speed and which built extended areas of untestable rail. Due to this, re-railing was necessary.


The customer contracted Linmag to remove Rolling Contact Fatigue (RCF) and squats.

Task area:

Re installation of the correct rail profile and removal of surface defects up to 7 mm depth by milling and grinding with 4-7 passes (depending on track conditions) during a 38 hours shutdown.

Results achieved:

Linmag has finished the required work as desired. All defects are removed and the rail profile is restored. The wheel-rail contact and the travel comfort have been improved. The life-cycle of the rail has been significantly increased and the planned re-railing was therefore not necessary! Reduction of life cycle costs (LCC) is the most significantly advantage for customers.