Major projects with the rail milling train MG31

Linmag works with the most powerful rail milling machine which is available on the world market. The MG31 has a total of 6 milling units and 2 grinding units. Gapless quality control through the built-up on train measurement instruments is a particularly appreciated service. The high material removals and the fast feedrate make rail service by the MG31 to a unique method. After enrollment, the machine can be operated by the customer as an in-house solution or as a turnkey solution.
LINMAG's Schienenfräszug MG31 in Deutschland, LINMAG's Rail Milling Train MG31 in Germany

MG31 for Highspeed Railways and Conventional Railways

Significant benefits are:

  • Faster processing with high performance milling units
  • High processing depths
  • Maximum machine availability by 24/7 support
  • Stand alone system guarantees intensive usage
  • Long tool life
  • Easy operation at highest precision

A unique speed

Ein Mitarbeiter der DB Bahnbaugruppe, an employee of DB Bahnbaugruppe
in rail re-profiling is guaranteed with LINMAG MG31 rail milling train comprising 6 milling units. We are able to remove rail defects of up to 3,6 mm depth in only one pass, this is unique. We also employ this rail milling equipment on our high speed rail lines as we rely on very high precision in this case. The LINMAG Service Team provides a reliable equipment and is available 24/7. They will immediately respond with the appropriate action to avoid any down time, I appreciate this most of all.”
Rene Rickmann (machine operator, DB BBG, Linmag rail milling train MG31)