Removal of squats

Customer problem:

On the route, increased wheel wear and related reduction of speed and travel comfort were determined.


The client contracted Linmag to remove Rolling Contact Fatigue (RCF) and squats.

Task area:

Re installation of the correct rail profile and removal of RCF up to 1.5 mm depth by milling and grinding with 1-2 passes, depending on track conditions.

Results achieved:

All defects were removed and the rail profile was re-installed. The wheel-rail contact and the travel comfort have been improved. The life-cycle of the rail has been significantly increased and maintenance costs are reduced.

LINMAG's Rail Road Truck auf Schienen in Australien

Rail-Road-Truck – Flexible operations on nearly all types of track gauges

City railways, tramways, subways, switches and level crossings
  • Finishing in one pass only
  • Flexible processing depths – according to demand
  • High accuracy of transverse and longitudinal profile
  • Gentle material treatment
  • No thermical damage of microstructure
  • No handicap of flying sparks – no risk of fire
  • No emissions – no environmental pollution
  • High availability – year-round operation

Linmag’s SFO2W-FS Road and Rail Milling truck

is a brilliant piece of Linsinger technology. Linsinger have left no page unturned when designing and manufacturing this truck. The precision of this machine has to be seen to be believed, the machine can remove up to 1mm in a single pass whilst milling the profile back into the rail with absolute perfection. With the reassurance that the guys who built the machine, operate the machine, you too can have the perfect rail profile milled back into your rail with the confidence knowing you have around the clock support from the Professional Linmag service team.”
Jason Glasspool, Project Manager - LINMAG Australia