We use our unique milling and grinding process for the machining of the rail. In only one pass, the rail head is reprofiled. The machining is done by peripheral milling with combined circumferential grinding.


Nachhaltigkeit Symbol

Clean Technology

Our milling and grinding technology enables us to deliver a rail service free from flying sparks and fire hazard, water consumption and ecological pollution. This smooth process does not have any adverse affects to the structural integrity of the rail material. There is no excessive noise during processing.
Recycling Symbol

Additional Value: Sale of Recyclables

Waste is not just waste, but in this case a 100 % recycleable resource – Selling the collected metal chips as a reusable resource is an additional benefit for our customers.

Extension of the rail life

Preventive and corrective surface maintenance removes rail defects, which occur due to train operation. Restoring the correct rail profile increases the smoothness of train operations, reduces undesirable forces and extends the rail life enormously. This reduces the Life Cycle Cost and prolongs the intervals between expensive re-railing.
Qualitaetskontrolle Symbol

Quality Control

On-board longitudinal and transverse profile measurements as well as eddy current measurements ensure the complete removal of head checks, single defects or material defects.
We re-profile damaged rails to the optimal condition and make tracks reliable.

Additional benefits for our customers:

  • Individual material removal up to 3,6 mm in one pass
  • Can be used in sensitive areas (bridges, tunnels, switches, level crossings)
  • No removal of track-installed switching device
  • High machining precision