Reprofiling of the rail head

Customer problem:

Cancellation of train services due to excessive rail and train wheel wear due to incorrect profile and surface defects, including corrugations, which have contributed to rough transit. Due to the bad rail/wheel condition, the customer was forced to run buses for passengers, which had an additional cost to the customer.


Linmag Railservice should re install the correct rail profile back into the rail and remove the surface defects by using the advanced rail milling technology.

Task area:

Re installation of the correct rail profile and removal of surface defects causing through 2.5 kilometers on the down track of left and right hand curves (using different profiles) and tangent track.

Results achieved:

Linmag completed the required scope of re profiling and removing the surface defects over the affected section within a very short time by using the SFO2W-FS Road/Rail milling truck. The processing speed for the SFO2W-FS milling truck is 8 meters per minute but is dependent on the rail and track condition. The customer is now able to run the cancelled passenger trains and to save costs for rail replacement bus service. The life cycle of the rail has been increased, the wheel-rail contact and the travel comfort have been improved.